What Our Alumni Are Saying

“Dr. Dave has an innate ability to breakdown complex learning material into easy to understand concepts all while keeping classes enjoyable and fun. I always look forward to the weekend classes because after two or three days of learning, I understand a valuable modality that can be used immediately.” Joyce, BS (c)

“As a student in any of Dr. Frederick’s courses, I was simultaneously fascinated and challenged. When I first attended one of his courses, I was not yet a healthcare professional. From the information I learned in those sessions, I acquired the knowledge base that eventually led me to pursue my doctorate. Dr. Frederick’s wealth of knowledge about the inner workings of the human body is only matched by his engaging delivery of the information. Although accessible to those at any level of healthcare knowledge, they provide a challenge to even the most educated among us. With a constantly evolving curriculum, there is always something new and exciting to learn.” Dr. Chris, D.C.

“Dr. Frederick’s knowledge in so many subjects or Integrative Medicine is absolutely AMAZING! I feel deeply honored to be one of his students. His classes are preparing me to become a Natural Health Consultant, a wave in the future of medicine.” Louise, RN, Ph.D., C.

“I am presently engaged with Dr. Frederick as a student. He has been most helpful, especially in guiding me through many challenges that I’m confronting today. His support and encouragement has been substantial and exceptional. Although I have been practicing as a Bioholistic Practitioner since 1975, I find that his knowledge has guided me further than I had originally dreamed.” Elizabeth, Bioholistic Practitioner, Counseling Hypnotherapists.

“I have attended a lot of Dr. Dave’s classes and enjoyed each and every one. They are very interesting and informative and with various subjects I came away with much knowledge and things to use in my practice and everyday life. Wherever I see a class offered by David I try to attend. The money is well worth what you receive. He is a well- known presenter at many conventions and anyone attending his seminars are pleased with the information given” Pauline, CMT, CHC, CHT

“Dr. Dave, as we called him, came to central Florida for many years. As we kept taking seminars, we all learned to keep our mouths shut and ears open as we hung on his every word he spoke. We all have used the information we learned and passed it on to our clients. He is an excellent lecturer on many subjects.” Joan, DH, LMT

“I met Dr. Frederick in the year 2000 and recognized him as my mentor to this day. He is a man I would never attempt to define because his wisdom and life experience is indefinable and language would only create illusions of who he really is, nor would I disrespect his unique dignity by doing so. However, I do experience him as one of the greatest mystics and educators of our time as he courageously bridges the ancient wisdoms. He has not only changed my life as a practicing psychotherapist and health care provider but, has challenged my personal evolution through his gentle and caring guidance. I am honored to have been and continue to ne not only his student but a friend.” Dr. Marlin, D.Sc., CAC.

“Dr. Dave is one of the most knowledgeable individuals I know. He is addicted to gathering information through personal research and investigation and then passing that which he finds beneficial on to his students. Each time I attend one of his programs, I walk away totally amazed and further enlightened.” Barbara, Author of Creating Heaven on Earth.

Post Script; Not sure if this story is too long but the most impressive experience I had with you was when you were teaching a course called HUNA, Secrets of the Ancient Hawaiians Revealed and I was suffering with terrible flu-like symptoms and was going to go home. You encouraged me to stay and assured me that the Water Healing Technique would make me feel better. Upon doing the technique in class I felt much better. Then, I repeated the process before going to bed and when I woke up the next morning the symptoms where totally gone!.” Bottom line is I THINK YOU ARE GREAT!!!

Comments from attendees during the recent American Society of Dowsers Convention, June, 2012 held at Lyndon College, VT.

Great info. xxxxxx

Thank you!!

Very engaging Speaker!!


xx Always learn new things from David!!

Different approach to topic. Interesting.

Lovely talk Practical spirituality.

Very enjoyable lecture.

Good interactions with audience doing what is taught.


Needed more time.

Great speaker!!

Very knowledgeable.

Excellent presentation of healing methods made simple.

Thank you for sharing your unconditional love of healing.

He was fantastic!

I want to hear more of Dr. Dave’s knowledge.

Please have him come back!!

Very informative with practical demonstration.

Helpful practices with water.


Instructor held space well and engaged us fully.


Interesting history and facts. – powerful!

David, thanks for being so fluid, relaxed and sharing.

Very informative, well-prepared – organized.



Keynote for next year!


Great public speaker!

Good information.

Good speaker!

I loved his demos.

Very practical handouts on Hawaiian language would help in following the speaker.

He gave an English translation verbally but I didn’t have a clue on the spelling of the Hawaiian.. MORE!

Really enjoyed this.

David is very engaging!

He is great presenter!

Excellent class.



Excellent This workshop was an amazing gift and just what I needed.

I left feeling so much better…truly transformed.

There was so much useful info presented (and I will use this_ Simple, pragmatic. Bring him back next year.

He is brilliant.

Thank you. Thank you.

I’d like to learn more about Huna! Special thanks to him.

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