World Institute of Integrative Health Sciences: Description of Courses Offered


Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification Course Part one and two leading to National Certification

learn the basics of how people process information, basic NLP techniques, how beliefs are formed, the truth about peoples realties, suggestibility tests, predicates, language patterns, how to guide a person into a deep state of relaxation called hypnosis, the do’s and don’ts, what hypnosis is and isn’t, the full process and techniques for Weight Control, Stress Management, Stop Smoking, Low Self Esteem and Performance Enhancement plus other conditions. The students will learn advanced techniques which include Parts Therapy (Conflict Resolution), Therapeutic Recall (Regression) and The Goal Profiling Chart.


NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) Certification Course. This is a power course in Behavioral Psychology. Many of the techniques taught in this class create positive result in a matter of minutes! The student will learn about how belief systems are formed, how people view the world and process information. Techniques taught include but not limited too are; Power Circle, Anchoring and add a resource, Sensory Acuity and Rapport, Representational Systems, Sensory Crossover through Sub-modality Diffusion, removing Emotional Blocks, through Time Line Clearing, Future Time Slots, Phobic cure, FLASH Technique, Cleansing Ritual for Females, New Behavior Generator, Suggestive Therapeutics and much more! Many new techniques have been developed by Dr. Frederick and are not taught in any other NLP course.



Advance Techniques for Pain Management. A special certification course for the treatment of chronic pain and illness including the powerful FLASH technique which can eliminate chronic pain and restrictive movement in less than five minutes! The student will learn about the immune system, Aids, Chronic Disease, Subjective and Objective Conversion Technique plus many additional techniques including, Guided Imagery using the Ocean, Mountains as a focus point, special scripts for Choices, Stress, Kidneys, Dental Anesthesia, Natural Child Birth, and much more. This is one of the most powerful courses you will ever take and the knowledge gained will be priceless. You will learn techniques not found in any other pain management course.


Therapeutic Herbology Course. Students will learn the basics of Herbology, the four actions of herbs, what they do, Nutritional Herbology and how to incorporate special herbs into protocols. A complete set of charts showing stress and weakened conditions, life styles, nutritional protocols, and specific herbs and herbal combinations used to help bring balance back into the body. Diploma and Certification courses available.



Iridology Course. Students will be taught what the eyes can tell you about your health. There are many signs in this form of assessment. Students will observe of fifty slides showing many signs of potential imbalances including lacunas, psori, lymphatic rosary, nerve rings, arcus senilus and many other signs that can determine potential imbalances in the body. The student will observe over fifty slides showing these many signs. This is a very powerful assessment tool to use in conjunction with the Herbology course which provides information on what herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle changes are suggested to restore balance in the body



Introduction to Homeopathic Medicine. A special course in understanding the principles of Homeopathy. What it is, its history, how homeopathics are made, the three basic sources, and the different dilutions used in therapeutic protocols, the student will learn what conditions will cancel out the positive effects of each formula. How to incorporate single and poly doses to help the body’s natural healing properties, to restore balance in a person. Many health problems are discussed and protocols suggested for optimal results.


Auricular Therapy Course, (Chinese/French). Learn needle free acupuncture to treat points on the ear that corresponds to body parts for pain, stress, addictions, weight , smoking and much more. Students will learn the topography of the ear and how it corresponds to each body part, three signs of chronic, acute and circulation manifestations. Muscular, skeletal and nervous systems are discussed with specific protocols for each. The course is based on the five thousand year old Chinese system as well as Dr. Nogiers work, (a French Neurologist and acupuncturist) in neurology and acupuncture. We teach laser and micro current acupuncture. Easy to learn and use for a successful outcome. There is no licensing required because this is a non-invasive approach to acupuncture principles. (Some states require a license to touch)


Chinese Meridian Certification Course in four parts. (Needle free acupuncture, Laser and micro-current) This intensive course is equal to a two and a half year traditional course in acupuncture. This is an intensive course which the student will learn the five element system, tonification and sedation points plus 72 acupuncture points, in just the first weekend using a special color chart developed by Dr. Fredericks. There is no need for licensing because this is a non-invasive approach to acupuncture principles. The student will also learn moxibustion and cupping along with thermal point assessment the twelve basic meridians and two special meridians along with many treatment protocols. If you have ever wanted to learn acupuncture this is the course for you.


Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis Course. Learn how to read the pulse to determine imbalances in the body and what methods to use to rebalance the body. Also learn tongue, lip, & eye assessment and urine analysis to determine imbalances in Vata, Pitta and Kapha Doshas, what doshas are and how to find what type dosha you are. You will learn a lot about you self and how to balance the body once recognizing the frog, snake and swan pulse, the three levels of vascular density and how to use them therapeutically. We teach this Ayurvedic method of pulse diagnosis because it is much quicker to learn than the Chinese. One weekend is all you need




Special Course:


HUNA. Secrets of the Ancient Hawaiians Revealed!


This is a special course in Hawaiian Metaphysics. The student will learn the history, culture, and psychology of its people. Their philosophy, how they can heal broken bones in minutes, control weather, move objects, melt clouds, use telepathy in communication, spiritualism including NOHO (possession, good and not so good), living in two worlds and how they can shift from the spirit world back in the earthly plane, mana (life force) use to heal, both present and distant, there spiritual beliefs, how to enter into the center of Aloha Spirit (the center of your being), the HA rite and how to get answers to prayers, end result projection and much more.


Hair Mineral Analysis.


This course is designed to teach about minerals and how they affect our health. How to take samples of a person’s hair and sending it to a lab for analysis. A computer report is generated showing a person’s mineral status and what the body tells us. What is deficient or in access. How and what protocols to use to re-balance the body.


Additional workshops and courses are offered from time to time including Masters Classes on specific issues and protocols.



Dr. David A. Frederick at docdavef@worldinst.comto find out more about each course.


Certification courses include, Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Chinese Meridian Therapy, Therapeutic Herbology/Iridology combined and Pain Management. You may call Dr. Frederick directly at 717-560-5609. Please leave a couple of times for him to get back to you. He always answers your call personally.











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