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Pain Management and Chronic Illness Certification Course.

October 27th & 28th. 9am to 4pm
Common Man Inn. Plymouth, New Hampshire
Hotel reservations: 603-536-2200
Local contact: Suzanne Schwartz. 603-254-5966

This is one of the most powerful courses in Pain Management and Chronic Illness. The student will get an introduction to the immune system, AIDS, Chronic Versus Acute and learn how to increase the T cell count by 200% in three minutes! Other techniques taught are Clinical Imagery for pain, Subjective/Objective Conversion technique, the power FLASH Technique that will reduce or eliminate chronic pain or restrictive movement in under five minutes! You will learn other powerful techniques for migraines, burns, pre & Post- operative imagery. A simple but powerful image and tactile technique used for removing cancer cells from the body. Also works with stress and pain. Special Qi Gong exercises for the lungs, liver and kidneys used for detoxification plus much more. There is an optional take home exam with three case studies required for certification. All other attendees will receive a certification of attendance.


Special Tuition Price is just $295.00

Introduction to Homeopathic Medicine and Nutrition

November 10th & 11th, 2012
World Institute Offices, Lancaster, PA. (Call for directions.)

This two day workshop will include the basics of Homeopathy, what it is, how they are made, single versus poly remedies, cell salts, plus, some of the most common remedies for chronic and acute conditions along with therapeutic protocols. A short course on the use of Vitamins, Minerals, and Amino acids. What they are used for therapeutically, safe versus toxic levels. Minerals used for cancer treatments, amino acids for ADD, ADHD, Alzheimer's and other conditions. Rebalancing the body will be discussed along with specific protocols.

Tuition: $285.00

Clinical Hypenotherapy Certification Course

Coming November / Early December to the greater Albany area. Call for exact time and dates. 717.560.5609

For information on these courses and workshops please e-mail Dr. Frederick at or call 717-560-5609 and leave several times which to return your call.

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